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Criteria vs Cactus: How Do They Compare?

For assessing candidates, both Criteria and Cactus offer a unique and customizable assessment experience. While Criteria leans toward assessing cognitive aptitude, Cactus stands out for its state-of-the-art AI assessment experience that modernizes the way startups and SMBs find their perfect hire. See how their features compare below.

Get the Complete Picture

Confidently Find Job-Ready Applicants

While cognitive testing is a great predictor of job performance, it can still only predict how candidates will act in their roles. At Cactus, we believe in testing for skills, not traits.

Cognitive assessments for roles can be biased. We harness real-world assessments and AI grading to effectively uncover applicant skills.

Our wide variety of assessment options means that you have the power to build the assessments you need for every role, even the ones that are traditionally hard to assess, like support and sales.

Confidently Find Job-Ready Applicants
Key Differences

Cactus vs Criteria

We know every team has their own priorities in the hiring process. Criteria is suited for teams looking to test for motivation and personality. Cactus, on the other hand, assesses candidates' real-world experience with highly customizable tests that help you see the full picture of applicant abilities.

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Multiple tests per assessment
Cusomizable assessment modules
Assessment templates
AI assessments
Your Approach Matters

The Testing Platform for Today's Hiring Manager

You have one chance to assess your candidate pool and the question types matter. Rather than focusing solely on cognitive ability or personality traits, see how applicants actually perform in their day-to-day roles.

Cactus offers AI assessment tests that help showcase abilities in a real-world context. Don't just ask a candidate how they might react in a situation, see how they perform. 

Rather than rely on age-old multiple-choice assessments, Cactus allows you to assess candidate ability through a wide range of mediums, including screen-share, presentations, drawing, and more.

The Testing Platform for Today's Hiring Manager
Assessment Creation Made Simple
Future-Proof Assessments, Made to Plug-and-Play

While both solutions have ready-made assessments to choose from, only Cactus offers job-based skill assessments and the ability to create your own assessment from the ground up. 

No time? No problem. Cactus offers an intuitive assessment builder that turns job descriptions into thought-provoking assessments that test for today's in-demand job requirements, all in minutes.

Access a library of in-depth assessments for job roles that feature skill tests, case studies, and simulations that mimic on-the-job tasks.

With Cactus, your assessments keep pace with tomorrow's workforce needs. Easily edit and save custom modules to create assessments in a snap.

Future-Proof Assessments, Made to Plug-and-Play
Holistic Assessments for Modern Teams
Multiple Module Types to Choose From

Go beyond multiple choice questions and video interviews. Assess candidates' creativity and job-ready skills by mixing and matching screen share, presentation, spreadsheet, and drawing tools. Your candidates are multi-faceted. With Cactus, harness the exact tools that help showcase their potential.

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Multiple choice
Screen share
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Slides
AI assessments
Personality assessments
Cognitive tests
See the Possibilities
Hire for Potential, Not Personality

At Cactus, we believe that candidates are more than a list of traits, and our custom assessments help show hiring teams their capabilities, beyond what candidates think is possible. 

Personality test results are based on where the candidate sees themself, not based on their objective skill sets. With Cactus, see how candidates truly perform on the job, without embellished answers and self-doubt at play.

Using AI grading to complement assessments, Cactus shows where strengths shine for applicants, without them having to answer dozens of questions.

Hire for Potential, Not Personality
Get Started in Minutes
Make Hiring More Efficient

Assessment platforms shouldn't require a computer science degree to set up. At Cactus, you can onboard your team and start assessing candidates in minutes. We make team hiring intuitive and headache-free with a simple user interface, organized roles, a collaborative review process, and clear deadlines to keep everyone on schedule.

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Hiring funnel analysis
Invite team members by role
Hiring team comments
Team grading
Review deadlines

"Cactus has been a game-changer for us, slashing our time to hire in half. The ability for candidates to work directly on Google Sheets and the ease of uploading our own case studies has been a standout feature. I'm absolutely over the moon with Cactus!"

Head of HR
Upfront Answers

Cactus offers real-world assessments that showcase future performance while accurately highlighting candidate strengths and potential. Focus on real skills with transparent pricing that doesn't require a sales call.

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$29 per month
Contact Sales
Included candidates
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AI-assisted grading
Question types
Multiple choice & video
Post-assessment survey
Plagiarism checker
Making the Right Choice
Final Thoughts

Your needs as a team dictate which works best for you. Both Criteria and Cactus offer solutions for assessing candidates. However, Cactus stands out with its focus on on-the-job skills and AI assessments, extensive customization capabilities, team collaboration, and transparent pricing.