Pre-employment tests for on-the-job skills.

Eliminate guesswork with real-world assessments that help you identify, evaluate, and hire the right person for the job.

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A better way to assess candidates

The Cactus Difference

We focus on assessing practical, on-the-job skills, instead of personality tests. Our platform utilizes real-world assessments and AI simulations to mirror actual job settings, ensuring results that are as authentic as they are actionable.

Real-World Assessment:
No more personality tests. Start creating job-specific tasks that reflect the actual work your candidates will be performing on the job.
AI-Powered Interview Simulations:
Make hiring for roles like Sales and Customer Success easier with our AI simulations. Get a deeper understanding of your candidates' skills and potential.
Unbiased Hiring:
With Cactus, every candidate gets a fair chance to showcase their skills, promoting diversity and inclusivity in your team.

Fix a Balance Sheet

Review a balance sheet, identify errors and correct them.

Close a Deal

Convince a potential customer to purchase your product.

Create a Campaign

Design a marketing campaign for a new product launch.

Customer Success
Handle a Complaint

Respond to a customer complaint and resolve the issue.


One platform for all your teams

For all your roles

Cactus is the perfect tool for hiring across all your teams. Whether you're hiring for a Sales Manager or a Software Engineer, Cactus has you covered.

Comprehensive Screening

Realistic and Authentic Skill Evaluation

We offer a range of assessment types to suit diverse roles. Create a marketing case study using Google Docs, or have an accountant perform a P&L analysis in Google Sheets. Our platform is designed to assess real skills in a real-world context.

Our assessments mirror actual job tasks, providing a realistic measure of a candidate's ability to perform in the role.
From AI-powered interview simulations to data analysis in Google Sheets, we offer a variety of assessment types to suit different roles and skills.
By assessing practical skills, our platform helps you identify qualified candidates more quickly and accurately.
Multiple Choice
Multiple choice questions for quick screening