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Our mission is to provide both companies and talent with the best hiring experience possible. We're dedicated to creating considerate, fair, and reciprocal assessment processes that yield the best results for hiring teams.

Our goal is to simplify and enhance the hiring process, making it enjoyable for everyone involved. With Cactus, you can spend less time hiring and more time doing your best work.

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Our Journey: Cactus was born out of a simple question: How can we make the hiring process more fair, meaningful, and efficient? Our founders, having experienced the challenges of traditional hiring methods, decided to create a solution that would not only address these issues but also provide an exceptional experience for both candidates and hiring teams.

Our Solution: Our platform offers real-world assessments, replacing generic tests with job-specific tasks that mirror the actual work a candidate will be doing. This approach allows candidates to truly showcase their skills and gives hiring teams a more accurate understanding of a candidate's potential.

In addition, we've integrated AI-powered interview simulations, particularly beneficial for roles in Sales and Customer Success. These simulations provide a deeper insight into a candidate's capabilities beyond what a traditional interview can offer.

At Cactus, we don't believe in personality tests as predictors for job performance. Instead, we focus on real skills and real-world scenarios, which we believe are better indicators of a candidate's ability and potential.

Our Commitment: At Cactus, we believe in unbiased hiring. Every candidate deserves a fair chance to demonstrate their skills, and we're proud to promote diversity and inclusivity in all teams.